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A selector expression for extracting data from JSON.



Install the stable version from PYPI.

pip install jsonpath-extractor

Or install the latest version from Github.

pip install git+https://github.com/linw1995/jsonpath.git@master


    "goods": [
        {"price": 100, "category": "Comic book"},
        {"price": 200, "category": "magazine"},
        {"price": 200, "no category": ""}
    "targetCategory": "book"

How to parse and extract all the comic book data from the above JSON file.

import json

from jsonpath import parse

with open("example.json", "r") as f:
    data = json.load(f)

assert parse("$.goods[contains(@.category, $.targetCategory)]").find(data) == [
    {"price": 100, "category": "Comic book"}

Or use the jsonpath.core module to extract it.

from jsonpath.core import Root, Contains, Self

assert Root().Name("goods").Predicate(
    Contains(Self().Name("category"), Root().Name("targetCategory"))
).find(data) == [{"price": 100, "category": "Comic book"}]

Usage via CLI

The faster way to extract by using CLI.

jp -f example.json "$.goods[contains(@.category, $.targetCategory)]"

Or pass content by pipeline.

cat example.json | jp "$.goods[contains(@.category, $.targetCategory)]"

The output of the above commands.

    "price": 100,
    "category": "Comic book"




  • 69ff6cb add iter_find and find_first methods

  • be22151 better JSONPath object representations


  • 9d9d78f raise AttributeError by object.__getattribute__

  • 4191b8c not registers base class “Expr” for chaining invocations



  • 1dccec1 fix: right way to generate standalone parser


Environment Setup

Clone the source codes from Github.

git clone https://github.com/linw1995/jsonpath.git
cd jsonpath

Setup the development environment. Please make sure you install the pdm, pre-commit and nox CLIs in your environment.

make init
make PYTHON=3.7 init  # for specific python version


Use pre-commit for installing linters to ensure a good code style.

make pre-commit

Run linters. Some linters run via CLI nox, so make sure you install it.

make check-all


Run quick tests.


Run quick tests with verbose.

make vtest

Run tests with coverage. Testing in multiple Python environments is powered by CLI nox.

make cov


Run serving documents with live-reloading.

make serve-docs

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